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Center for Spiritual Development
St. Joseph College
Mother Baby
Generator Project
St. Joseph Pavilion Surgery Registration
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NUC Med Equiment Change Out                            

Oncology Doctors Sleeping Room Remodel                  

Oncology Semi-Private to Private Room Remodel               

Inverventional Radiology                                               

CT Scan                                                                        

Breast Care Center                                            

Seismic Retrofit Basement Pharmacy              

Acute Dialysis                                                 

Seismic Conventional Analysis                         

Cancer Center Emergency Generator/                      

Switchboard, Panelboard, and Automatic Transfer Switch

Inverventional Radiology #3                                            

Hybrid OR                                                                   

SPEC CT                                                                      

RF Equipment Installation- Pavillion Building                    

Hybrid OR/IR2                                                          

SPECT/CT Remodel- Pavilion Building                

CT Equipment Installation/ Remodel- Pavilion Building   

MRI Equipment Change Out/Installation- Pavilion Building

Cath Lab #4 Equipment Change Out/Remodel        

Cath Lab #3 Equipment Replacement                  


Operating Room 15                                                    
Intervention Lab                                                  

East/West Wing Tower Temporary Egress     

North Wing Rush Center Patio Relocation         

Steam Line                                                              

CT Scan Suite                                                    

1st Floor Remodel Ultrasound Suite            

MRI Suite and Patient Holding                  

Board Room                                                

Labor/Delivery/Recovery Upgrade                     

Cardiology Exam Suites                          

Pharmacy IV Prep Unit          

Surgical Pathology Lab       

Cath Lab #5 Equipment Installation  

Pharmacy and Chart Rooms          

Nuclear Medicine First Floor East/West Wing   

Nuclear Medicine- Pavillion      

Linear Accelerator CT Simulator- Cancer Center  

5th Floor Med/Surge Unit Patient Room Conversion  

Interior Renovatoin Medical Records #2

2nd Floor Post-Partum Patient Room Conversion

2nd Floor Radiology Interior Renovation

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