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About Us

CWD Electric has specialized in medical construction and remodel since its conception in 1991. Over the course of 23 years we have built a relationship with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA and outpatient partners of the St. Joseph Health System. Additionally, we have completed many projects for the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministry. During this time we have sub-contracted with  Healthcare Design and Construction (HDC), formally known as PDC. We have worked very closely with HDC to complete a diverse portfolio of healthcare projects. To learn more about HDC, click here. For further information about the services we provide and our certifications, click here.


We regard experience as our strongest core competency. In our 25 years of business we have encountered countless projects, all of which required a unique and thoughtful resolution. We are extremely proud of the feats we have accomplished over the years and are confident that our extensive experience will allow us to complete any job we face with excellence. Albert Einstein said it best, "The only source of knowledge is experience".  

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